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Made possible through an endowment from former New School Trustee John L. Tishman, the Tishman Center is a university-wide center that is committed to bringing an interdisciplinary and environmental justice approach to contemporary environmental challenges. We work under the following core areas:

Advancing Climate and Environmental Justice

The Tishman Center aims to serve as a hub for climate and environmental justice research and practice, with a specific focus on deep engagement with underserved urban communities. Through our collaborative efforts with a variety of organizations, we intend to impact research, practice and policy while following the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing. The Tishman Center seeks to offer technical support to community-based organizations, advocates, and policymakers on the frontlines of these movements, with an emphasis on supporting the co-production of inclusive, bottom-up approaches that amplify the knowledge and expertise of these communities.

Supporting Progressive Innovation for Sustainability

The New School has a rich record and deep knowledge in the design and social science fields and therefore we are uniquely positioned to critically address the most complex environmental issues of our time. At the Tishman Center, we create opportunities that bring together the diverse talents of students and faculty from across our schools of design, public engagement, jazz, music, drama, and social research to develop creative, interdisciplinary solutions and new possibilities for change.

Creating Justice and Sustainability as Core Literacies for the 21st Century

By incorporating climate action and sustainability grounded in social justice into our campus culture, The New School is mobilizing 14,000 students, faculty and staff to have a positive impact on our community and the larger society. The Tishman Center’s role is to educate and prepare students through experiential learning to be leaders in this change toward a more just and sustainable society. Our intention is that students graduating from The New School will be able to demonstrate deep knowledge of environmental issues, a heightened awareness of their social justice implications, and a measure of responsibility for taking action.


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