Student Pledges


New school community Sustainability Pledge


As a member of the New School community, you can become a part of the university-wide effort to create a more sustainable, less wasteful campus. Only through individual effort is a sweeping change possible. To date, over 1,000 members of this community have taken the pledge, helping The New School to become a more sustainable university. Make a statement about your dedication to environmental stewardship by taking the pledge.

Pledge to become help The New School reduce its carbon footprint and achieve our sustainability goals by taking the following actions. Check as many as you can commit to.


The Graduation Pledge of Social & Environmental Responsibility


The Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility has been offered since 1987 at colleges and universities throughout the United States and the world. The purpose of the Pledge is to encourage graduating students to be mindful of the social and environmental impacts of their employment as they enter the workforce or continue their education. Whether you take the pledge is voluntary. It is up to you to define for yourself what you consider to be environmentally and socially responsible.

The Pledge can be taken by anyone who wants to be intentional about the responsibility of their employment. It is our hope that your support of the Pledge will contribute to the cooperative effort to build responsible citizenship for a sustainable world. The Pledge is a serious commitment and New School pledge signers are expected to take actions such as refusing to apply for or turning down jobs they did not feel ethically comfortable with (and letting their potential employers know why) and promoting socially and environmentally friendly efforts while on the job.

Students who take the pledge will receive a green ribbon pin to wear during their graduation ceremony. Please do not sign the pledge or wear a green ribbon on graduation day unless you intend to fulfill the commitment.

Ribbons will be available starting late April. To claim your ribbon, take the pledge, then stop by the Tishman Environment and Design Center at 79 5th Avenue on the 16th floor.