Four A Greater Cause Raises Awareness About Fashion and Consumption

By Four A Greater Cause

We are currently enrolled in the Business and Professional Communication elective class and have been given an assignment of creating an audio visual presentation for the full semester. Our group is called “Four A Greater Cause” and consists of three freshman: Zeina, Tina, Bahar and a junior, Carlos.  Our main goal is  to make more people watch the film, “The True Cost” and raise questions about what consumption and corporations are doing to the world. We want to raise an awareness on this issue and evoke people to think more about sustainable fashion. We had two successful screenings at the New School Dorms: Kerrey Hall and Stuyvesant Hall, and now we are thriving for more people to know about it by making an informative booklet, including the solutions that have to be taken to make the world a better place.

Bahar Eromi is an Interior Design Major with an interest in Architecture. Being sustainable is important in both of these industries, because if the environment and people aren't taken into account then the project fails. The True Cost is a perfect portrayal of the types of negative events going on in the world, especially in fashion industries and corporations, thus it provides us with sustainable solutions so that the environment and the human health find a way out. Get influenced and take action!

Tina Moghaddam is a first year Strategic Design and Management major at Parsons with a focus on fashion communication. She lives to challenge  herself and the ideas of others, which is why she supports the true cost movie and the ethics that go behind fast fashion.

Zeina Muhtadi moved to New York from Bahrain to attend The New School for Communication Design, which would help her realize my dream of working as a designer. Zeina has always been one to care for the community which is why The True Cost spoke to her on so many levels.

Carlos Valenzuela is studying Fashion Design at Parsons. He strongly believes designers need to take responsibility in the consideration of the environment and labor rights. Consumers also need to be educated and aware of what they are purchasing.