Affiliated Faculty Oliver Kellhammer Featured in Smithsonian Magazine

Parsons Lecturer and Tishman Center Affiliated Faculty Member Oliver Kellhammer’s artwork was recently featured in Smithsonian Magazine’s article, “These Nine Artists Will Help You Understand the Planet.” Joanna Marsh, the senior curator of contemporary interpretation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, highlighted artwork that engages with the multifaceted challenges and perspectives of global climate change.

Kellhammer’s project, Dear Climate, was created in collaboration with Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri and Fritz Ertl who all teach at NYU. According to the website, Dear Climate is a “collection of agitprop posters and meditative audio experiences that help you meet, befriend, and become climate change.”

Dear Climate began as a project looking for a new way to talk about changing weather through three “movements of the mind”: Meet Climate Change, Befriend Climate Change, and Become Climate Change which have resulted in 68 posters and 6 audio works to date. Kellhammer adds, “the project continues to evolve and has appeared in various physical and virtual manifestations around the world.”

To learn more about the project, view the posters, and listen to the audio works, visit