Associate Professor Colleen Macklin Presents at Games for Change Festival

avatar.jpg.320x320pxTEDC Affiliated Faculty and Associate Professor of Media Design in Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons, Colleen Macklin will be presenting at the 13th Annual Games for Change Festival from June 23-24 in New York City.Her speaking sessions are:Failing to Change on Thursday, June 23Failure. It's not something we usually talk about in the games for change community. This is ironic, because games are all about failure—playing them involves learning from each failure we experience. In fact, you could say that game designers are failure experts! However, when we speak of our work, we like to focus on our successes. How does this help us learn as a community? It doesn’t! This is a session about failure and what it can teach us, through a meditation on the meaning of failure in games for change and some painfully true stories from the field. Increasing Social Impact: Tools to Design Across all Sectors on Friday, June 24For two years, the #GameImpact project investigated sources of failure in articulating game impact. Our first results (published last year) showed the fault lines -- especially across sub-fields. Now we introduce and debate several “thinking tools” for executive producers, lead designers and funders. Here are strategies to avoid the holes between research and design, between impact and intention.Learn more about Games for Change here!