Barent Roth Leads Design Swarm at IDSA in Seattle

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.26.36 PMTEDC Affiliated Faculty member Barent Roth recently attended the Industrial Designers Society of America Future of the Future Conference in Seattle where he was asked to lead a design swarm. A design swarm is an activity in which "designers and other participants collaborate intensively in very short time frames to address difficult problems and create breakthrough ideas and approaches by harnessing the power of the collective team."Determined to "to take advantage of the incredible brain power in the room by creating something lasting and meaningful" Roth's design swarm focused on creating an ocean trawl for 5Gyres to be created using Shapeways 3D Printing technology, made to float atop the water’s surface and collect debris in a large net.The results were selected as the Design Swarm Winner, and Roth's team was asked to present to the whole conference.To learn more about Professor Roth's trawl project, and the design swarm, click here.