Dennisse Coronel, Sustainable Systems Student, Creates Emergency Adapted Jacket

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.18.31 AMDennisse Coronel, a Parsons undergraduate student, worked to adapt a waterproof jacket to be converted into a small size backpack that can be used in emergency situations in her Sustainable Systems class with Aran Baker.

My plan for this project is to use a waterproof jacket that is already done and then adapt it in such a way, through the use of the zippers and buttons so it can be easily converted into a small size backpack. The challenge of the construction of this emergency kit is trying to incorporate buckets and straps into the jacket so it becomes usable but doesn’t stop being comfortable. The backpack will be adjustable so anyone can wear it regardless of their age. The design is going to include bright colors, such as the orange police vests usually have, because in case of a natural disaster people can easily get spotted if they get lost. There will also be a big logo on the back of the backpack/jacket so it’s easy to recognize that this is an emergency kit. The jacket will have several pockets so there’s enough room to store food, lanterns, medical supplies, and all that’s necessary in an emergency.

Check out the full project and visuals