EVENT: COP21 Student Simulation

MockCOP21PosterWhere: Hirshon Suite: Arnhold Hall55 13th Street, Room 1205, New York, NYWhen: December 2, 2015 at 3 pmWorld Climate Student Simulation is an interactive leadership event designed for students and faculty to develop a deeper understanding of the climate change issue. This unique event will enable participants to experience the dynamics that emerge as nations negotiate a global agreement on climate change. The exercise is framed by current climate change science, and through the interactive C-ROADS computer simulation participants can see in real-time how their decisions impact the global climate system.Each participant will play the role of a delegate representing a specific nation, region of the world, or an interest group. Everyone must then work together in their respective roles to reach a global agreement that successfully addresses climate change (e.g., to limit warming to 2˚ C above pre-industrial times by 2100).If you are interested in taking part as a group of representatives, please RSVP here: . No previous understanding of the material is required, and all participants will be given an informational brief to prepare for the experience. The optimal size is between 20-30 individuals, so the first students and faculty to confirm attendance will be given priority. The exercise is meant to be informative and experiential, by allowing individuals to discuss and learn together in a collaborative manner. Co-hosted by Sustainable Cities Club and Change Forum, and sponsored by Tishman Environment and Design Center, this unique activity gives students and faculty the opportunity to utilize current climate science models to understand and experience the real challenges world leaders face in reaching an agreement around climate change.Please contact Taylor Drake for any further inquiries.