Filming the March For Science

By Harry Gómez-Morón Castro

I did this video on the March for Science 2017. The music I chose is by Peruvian musician Pedro Suarez-Vértiz, and this song talks about the environment and global warming. He composed this song to represent Latin America in the Zaragoza Expo 2008, which had water as main theme. Also, this song identified that same year to the campaign of the Madrid City Council, "Recycling Moves the World” on the occasion of the "World Environmental Day".What I wanted to do with this piece was an out-of-the-box march video, with a 21st century twist. That´s when I thought about an ¨Augmented Reality Protesting,¨ with signs that didn’t just had letters or pictures, but actual movement and videos. To do this I made a green screen that I could bring easily, and then juxtaposed videos using the chroma key compositing technique which is layering based on a specific hue, in this case green. Most of the videos showcase the floods that had been happening in Perú at the time, which left an estimated of 700,000 people homeless. Floods that of course were consequences of global warming.

Harry Gómez-Morón Castro and was born in Lima, Perú in July 1998. He has lived in Egypt, Argentina and Austria, and Lima. Harry currently lives in New York City, and is a Sophomore at the Parsons School of Design majoring in Product Design and minoring in Filmmaking. His interests are in tech and inventing gadgets, as well as being an experimenter of the effects film can have on human beings.