LEAP Entrepreneurship Club Collaborates with Sure We Can to Create Engagement Around Recycling

In the Fall 2015 semester, students in the MS Strategic Design and Management at Parsons program were invited by Rhea Alexander and Raz Godelnik, the Strategic Design and Management co-directors, to start and lead the Entrepreneurship Club. Since then, the 2017 cohort came together to learn by discussing their shared interest in entrepreneurship to address how to meet their needs to further enhance their experience at Parsons The New School of Design.LEAP Entrepreneurship Club at The New School is a space for students to learn more about entrepreneurship. LEAP is an acronym for Leading Endeavors with Action and Purpose. LEAP emerged as a space to foster the advancement, adaptation and transformation of the core competences demanded by a complex and vertiginous changing reality.During the Fall 2016 Semester, LEAP's desire to be a positive actor for developing student-led ventures for specific managerial and leadership skills led to a collaboration with Sure We Can, a recycling center, community space, and sustainability hub.The collaboration between LEAP and Sure We Can originated with the objective to understand SWC's role in the recycling system. The aim was to create an Engagement Strategy Framework for SWC to broaden their stakeholder engagement through a more strategic approach, by analyzing through direct observations and background research how the organization operates.The relationship is ongoing, and in a continuous attempt looking for new opportunities to make a valuable difference together, by inviting The New School community to join us in our efforts to lead endeavors with action and purpose.To learn more or to join LEAP, contact Gonzalo Rovegno Rocha (roveg317@newschool.edu).