Parsons Alumni Create Innovative Solution to Paper Cup Waste at Vessel

vessel-posterParsons alumni from Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons and Transdisciplinary Design, are applying their expertise in disruptive to inspire meaningful action at Vessel, an organization that is dedicated to creating a solution to the paper cup problem. Alums Dagny Tucker and Ron Morrison co-founded Vessel, Zanny Venner is Vessel's Managing Director of Operations, Cameron Hanson is Vessel's Design Strategist, and Sungmy Kim is the Design Researcher.Vessel is an innovative solution to the paper cup problem. They combine a library-style service with sophisticated tracking technology in order to eliminate the need for paper and plastic to-go cups, as well as provide quantified self-information to consumers regarding the impact of their everyday choices. The basic premise is: when you go to a cafe, instead of getting your drink in a paper or plastic disposable cup, you get it in one of our Vessels. Then you leave with it and drop it off at any of our participating locations whenever you are finished. Plus, it’s FREE for the consumer!Vessel is now running a crowdfunding campaign that focuses on raising money to offer free service for consumers & a movement to enable people to have a positive impact with their everyday choices.Their goal is to raise $5 from 15K people. Further, it’s a petition to prove a wide range of consumer support; that people are simply waiting for more sustainable options to flood the market so that they may ditch disposables!Collectively, they are harnessing our array of backgrounds and experiences and education from The New School. At the heart of Vessel is the use of design and systems thinking to retune and leverage infrastructures for positive impact in everyday life choices.Learn more about the Indiegogo campaign.Learn more about Vessel.