Strategic Design and Management Students Win Award at Climate CoLab

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-3-19-57-pm Last summer, Strategic Design and Management graduate students: Clair Chun, Ken Lin, Antayra Mares, and Andrea Saloio won the Impact Award, the Judge's Choice Award, and the Popular Choice Award for the Materials Matter 2016 Challenge at the Climate CoLab, a crowdsourcing platform that gives people the opportunity to work together to create proposals for how to address climate change created by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Their specific challenge was to create a novel and well thought out idea on how to engage industries, designers, product creators, and the public in valuing, demanding and adopting lower impact materials. The team decided to look at how they could help designers make better choices on the materials they use.They created a product called SourceSeed, an online platform that partners with global textile manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with curated sustainable and innovative materials, SourceSeed also provides offline consultations and email updates on new materials.See their full project here. Watch the video breakdown of their project here.