TEDC Associate Director Victoria Marshall and Volunteers Plant Garden Space for Post-Sandy Area

tumblr_inline_o7p4ayQFxz1scg3ew_500Victoria Marshall, Assistant Professor of Urban Design at Parsons and Associate Director at the Tishman Environment and Design Center, and her organization, Till Design, worked in partnership with Beach 41st Houses, NYCHA, the US Forest Service, along with key support from NYC Parks, NYRP, Natural Garden Landscape, and the TKF Foundation to re-establish “old habits and haunts” as well as envision new ones for the Beach 41st houses in Rockaway, Queens, an area damaged from Hurricane Sandy.

Community Planting Day in B41st Garden's Words

100 volunteers came together to plant 800 Plants at the Beach 41st Houses on May 21st. People came from all over the city, some visited from out of town. But one of the most rewarding things to see given all the work leading up to this event, were all of the young people from B41st who came down stairs, working as a community to plant new life in their own backyard. These young people are the next generation of green space stewards in Rockaway! The display of their energy and enthusiasm indicates that the future is indeed bright.On behalf of our entire project team, the US Forest Service, Till Design, Natural Garden Landscape, and NYCHA, we express our many thanks for your participation. This event was a huge success because of your commitment, your energy and your spirit. Shout out to all of our Volunteers! Special thanks to Green City Force for providing key staff not only on May 21st, but for several weeks of work in soil amendment and bed preparation during the lead up to the event. Additional thanks to NYC Parks for the donation of a bobcat and bobcat driver. Thanks also to NYRP for donating tools. Also, many thanks to Chez Vous, for the delicious, catered breakfast and lunch. This was truly a collective effort.

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