TEDC Brings #ClimateCitizen to SXSW Eco

We will be handing out our own TEDC postcards, created on plantable seed paper!This week, members of TEDC and The New School are in Austin, Texas for SXSW Eco, sharing ideas and learning about how other leaders, investors, innovators and designers are advancing toward environmental, social and economic change.Ana Baptista, Associate Director of the Tishman Environment and Design Center and Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, will start the week as part of a judging team for SXSW Eco’s public space design competition, “Place by Design Resilience.” The Resilience category highlights particularly innovative projects that contribute to an adaptive, sustainable world. Next, Professor Baptista will be flexing her speed-teaching muscles with a condensed half-hour pop-up course called “Trash Talk 101: Working Toward a Zero Waste World on Tuesday October 6. This course will focus on highlighting how society’s waste negatively impacts the most marginalized communities around the world. She will also discuss how we can innovate closed loop systems and what cutting edge cities are doing to implement Zero Waste alternatives. “I'm always interested in inserting values of social justice into the environmental dialogue, something we do often here at The New School and specifically at the Tishman Environment and Design Center. Waste is a perfect example of the importance of this connection; Sustainable waste systems not only promote waste reduction, but also design for equitable waste distribution, ensuring certain communities aren’t disproportionately affected by polluting waste facilities,” said Ana Baptista about what message she hopes to send to SXSW Eco attendees. She will also speak as a  panelist at “Place By Design Town Hall: The Future of Public Space,” presented by Autodesk Foundation, which will be an interactive session that will include a group conversation about the potential public space to influence community engagement, public health, creativity, social equity and much more. “SXSW Eco is a unique space to have this conversation, since it brings together experts and practitioners with innovative social and tech entrepreneurs who are forging new paths in the environmental space,” said Ana on her excitement to be a part of SXSW Eco. Daniel Sauter, an Associate Professor of Data Visualization at Parsons School of Design, will be hosting a bootcamp on Tuesday October 6 called, “Data Visualization for Social Engagement” where he will discuss the dynamics of remote sensing and the Internet of Things, focusing on visualizing mobile interactions and environmental data. “I’d like to convey how remote sensing and data visualization can be used for research and advocacy, but also illuminate the resources such systems absorb. Digital ecologies are as elusive as the Cloud and often go overlooked - a significant oversight given there are more connected devices than connected people today,” said Daniel Sauter about his involvement and goals at SXSW Eco. Daniel will also be a part of the judging team for “Place by Design: Data + Tech,” which highlights five finalist projects whose innovative work utilizes emerging technology to connect people and place, or uses data to generate impact.“I’m most excited to experience the diverse activities and interests gathered at SXSW Eco—from urbanism to energy, communication, and policy—which I think reflects a much-needed holistic approach towards a more sustainable and just future,” said Daniel about what he was looking forward to at SXSW Eco.SXSW Eco will be running from October 5-7 in Austin, TX. In its fifth year, the conference will feature collaborative events to facilitate direct connections, as well as focused panel sessions and exciting competitions that will introduce attendees to transformative products, technologies and ideas. Through provocative programming, strategic alliances and global participation, SXSW Eco supports the communities creating a positive impact.