Tishman Center Affiliated Faculty Discuss New Approaches to Sustainability in University-Wide Curriculum

At an Affiliated Faculty meeting on February 14th, faculty from across the university met with the staff and leadership of the Tishman Center to share plans and ideas to embed sustainability in the curriculum for all New School students. When The New School’s Board of Trustees approved a motion to divest from all fossil fuels in 2015, the announcement also came with a commitment that the Tishman Center would help create opportunities for students throughout the university to engage in project-based learning and multidisciplinary classes that investigate and assess the impact of their carbon footprint and challenge students to promote sustainable living in innovative ways. Working closely with the leadership and faculty at all five schools at the New School, the Tishman Center is embarking on a multi-year project to incorporate sustainability learning outcomes that account for the social, political, and economic dimensions of environmental issues into the academic experience of all New School students.Our Affiliated Faculty brought enthusiasm and creativity to the table, sharing suggestions for how to uplift existing sustainability-related course offerings, design new methods of engaging students in sustainability learning, and partner with community organizations to give students real-world experience. At the Tishman Center, we are looking forward to the challenge and the journey of developing and delivering opportunities for all students to learn about sustainability in ways that fit and complement their majors and disciplines from jazz to design, liberal arts to social research, and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting initiative!