Tishman Center Releases 2018-2019 Annual Report

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In 2018-2019, The Tishman Center continued working with our partners and the campus community on global challenges such as climate and environmental justice. Earth Week featured a series of programs with new faculty member Leonardo Figueroa Helland which focused on Indigenous-led activism. The Center also deepened its contributions in the interdisciplinary field of waste and justice with our first Center-led ULEC and with a national report on waste incinerators and environmental justice with our long-term partner, GAIA

The last year, was an opportunity to begin reflecting on the progress made since our re-launching under Michelle DePass as our first three year strategic plan came to a close. The Center is currently completing an evaluation of the Strategic Plan and preparing our vision for the next three year plan. The Tishman Center also launched a new website which was completed this summer www.tishmancenter.org. Read the full report here. Below are some highlights!

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Earth Week 2019

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Good As New 2019


U.S. MSW Incinerators: An Industry in Decline