Use your vote to take environmental action on election day

vote-counts1Environmental challenges often feel insurmountable, overwhelming, or just plain scary. While you may feel the same way about election day, November 8, 2016 actually represents a great opportunity for Americans to take environmental action by doing their civic duty. But don't just take our word for it.

Professor Michelle Laporte on the importance of voting for the environment:

For reasons we all know, the outcome of this election will have an enormous effect on environmental legislation and resources up and down the ballot. Traditionally one of the demographics least likely to go to the polls is college students. Disaffection with the candidates and the campaign this year could add to that.Granted, many of our students are not eligible to vote. Others may have missed the deadline for an absentee ballot in whatever state they are registered if it is other than NY. So a reminder to vote may not result in many actual numbers.But the point is that environmental stewardship at this time and in this global political "climate" requires participation in all levels of government, at the very least by voting in elections when possible.Even if all of the typical reasons to support a candidate or party dissolved long ago in this difficult and endless campaign season, students could--and should--be encouraged to vote for the environment.This also applies to international students because it is a matter of principle, as well as political reality. Voting is often something that students prefer to ignore or feel cynical about. But the outcome of this important election depends on getting out the vote.To me, because it is a principle reinforced by global, national, local, and personal realities, our students should be encouraged to get to the polls. For the environment if for no other reason.Michelle Laporte is a Part-Time Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design, where she teaches Sustainable Systems.

Resources to vote:

Find your polling place in NYC: it Matters: Climate Change (from the Associated Press): it Matters: Energy (from the Associated Press):