Volunteer Opportunities with The New School Food Pantry

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.12.37 PMThere are many ways in which you can get involved with the Food Pantry, from helping manage the space to organizing food drives around campus. Below are several options - but there may be others you can identify and help develop.Email foodpantry@newschool.edu to sign-up & get involved. Food security is health!

Adopt the Pantry

Programs, offices, student organizations and entire schools can adopt the Food Pantry on a given month. If you adopt a month, you will be responsible for promotion within the unit, collecting the food items and then delivering them to the pantry.Food we can accept:● Non-perishable food items● Canned foods like soup, fruit or vegetables● Boxed food like cereal, granola bars, pasta, grains● Shelf-stable dairy within the expiration date● Shelf-stable juice within the expiration date

All Hands on Deck

Loading and organizing donations on a monthly basis. We need all hands on deck when deliveries arrive at 6 East 16th Street. If you want to be part of the crew that receives an email blast and then hurries over to the building to help unload the delivery, let us know.

First in & First Out

Managing & cataloguing the donations according to very specific rules set by the Food Bank is critical. It requires attention to detail and will happen when we receive deliveries.

Become a Cook

Want to help with food demonstrations, developing recipes and tabling around campus? This is beyond the walls of the pantry and is great for folks who want to promote the pantry with food & programming.

Make Food Security a Class Project

Are you a professor or a student? Make food security a central tenet of your curriculum. What would programs beyond a pantry look like? What is needed for the university to be food secure for all community members? How can your class creatively support The New School’s Food Pantry?


Can your program, student organization or school match funds so we can expand what we offer? A few examples:● We would love to provide fresh produce and meals. How can we make that a reality?● We will be hosting online food drives where you can buy our most needed and most popular items through the Food Bank’s discount bulk website.