Waste Reduction Tips from the Sustainable Cities Club

Jacquie OttmanThe New School's Sustainable Cities Club brought Jacquie Ottman from We Hate to Waste to campus to share some tips and tricks for reducing waste in your daily life. Consider some of these strategies to reduce your own waste and live more sustainably:Use Apps to Share, Swap, and Gift

  • Olio: The Food Sharing Revolution! This free app connects neighbours with each other and local shops so that surplus food can be shared, not thrown away!
  • Nextdoor: A private social network made for your neighborhood.
  • Buy Nothing: Check out this gift economy on Facebook or their webpage!

Old Clothes You Don't Wear?

Swap the clothes that are wearable!

Friday, April 22nd: In the Lobby of 2 W 13th Street from 1pm- 3pm you can break the cycle of textile waste and rejuvenate your wardrobe! Bring up to five gently loved items in good condition for swapping between 12:30pm and 1pm. Items must be clean and dry, and can include clothing and paired shoes. You will be able to take as many items as you bring, and all unswapped items will be delivered to GrowNYC’s Textile Recycling program.

For items that can't be worn check out re-fashioNYC for drop off locations.

Want a More Sustainable Apartment Building?

  • If your building has 10+ units, it is eligible to be set up with compost centers, e-waste dumps, and donation bins. Check out the DSNY website for more info.
  • Or.. just put a box of "Free Stuff" in a common are of your building for people to use.
  • You and your roommates can start composting on your own. Use this list of Food Scrap Drop-Off Sites to begin.

 Do your part to reduce waste, and help The New School reach it's Zero Waste Challenge goal of 50% waste diversion.