David Bergman Contributes to "Sustainability Districts for NYC" Report

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.47.25 PMAssistant Professor David Bergman co-wrote, researched, and edited Sustainability Districts for NYC.The nearly 150 page report researched sustainability districts and related programs, and then dives more deeply into two specific programs: 2030 Districts and EcoDistricts, including descriptions of four existing districts in each program in other cities in North America.The report also looks at -- listing and describing -- the plethora of sustainability and resilience programs, initiatives and incentives that are available at the district level. The concept of sustainability districts is to create an entity -- a district -- that can aggregate and integrate all these programs, while also including all the stakeholders within the district. The district can also serve as a "living lab," testing ideas that can then be refined and expanded to other districts.The final part discusses the potential for sustainability districts -- 2030 and EcoDistricts --  in NYC. The 2030 NYC District, situated in downtown Brooklyn and roughly following the boundaries of CB2, is actually in development and has the official status of Emerging District in the 2030 program.

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