Interdisciplinary Science Program to Host Open Job Talks for Professor of Natural Science with a Focus on Planetary Health

The Interdisciplinary Science (IS) program has an outstanding group of scholar-educators that are investigating the biodiversity of our urban waterways and air, the rise of antibiotic resistance and the development of "healthy materials," ethnobotany and its role in nutrition, economics, and wellness, and global health and the advance of genomics. Job/Teaching Talks take place on Mondays & Thursdays from 5:00pm- 6:00pm and listed below.IS has developed a one-credit course for students to participate in the search process by attending talks and providing feedback and reading some papers on planetary health. Students are encouraged to join the talks (as they can attend any or all and do not need to register for the course). The candidates will speak with students privately from 6:00pm-6:30pm after each job talk.


Details of remaining talks and campus visits will be updated as they are scheduled.

Mon Jan 29:

  5-6pm, Bark Room 2 West 13th Street First Floor Lobby

Resisting Superbugs in the Built Environment

Davida Smyth, Associate Professor of Biology, Chair of Natural Sciences.

Thur Feb 8:

 5-6pm Location TBDArea: Ethnobotany, arts, and immigrationJillian DeGezelle, Teaching Assistant Professor of Ethnobotany, North Carolina State

Mon Feb 12:

 5-6pm Bark Room 2 West 13th Street First Floor LobbyArea: Environmental Management and Urban Ecology  of NJ WaterwaysRebecca Shell Kanerek, Research Technician and PhD candidate at Montclair University

Mon Feb 26:

 5-6pm, Bark Room 2 West 13th Street First Floor LobbyArea: Global Health, Critical Analysis of Genetic Studies of Vulnerability and ResilienceYi-Ching Ong, Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton in Global Health and Health Policy,  PhD in Immunology and Microbiology, Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Fellow

Mon Mar 5:

 5-6pm, Bark Room 2 West 13th Street First Floor LobbyArea: Microbial Ecology of Hudson Waterways, Air, Waste, and WaterElias Deuker, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental and Urban Studies

LSCI 3950/ CRN 2145  Planetary Health Seminar

 1 credit

Attend presentations by leading scholars in the field of planetary health. Scholars span microbiology, ecology, ethnobotany, geosciences, global health, genomics, gender, healthy materials, and environmental toxicology. Seminars take place on Mondays &Thursdays from 5:00pm- 6:30pm and will total 5 sessions with tentative dates including Jan 29, Feb 8, Feb 12, Feb 26, Mar 5. Students will attend presentations, generate questions for candidates, and have student-only access to candidates from 6-6:30pm so they can contribute valuable feedback in the form of seminar summaries to the department. All summaries & feedback submitted online via Canvas. Info:  chamanyk@