Nicholas Brinen Designs and Builds Sustainable Structure for Educational Farm

FARM SHED Nicholas Brinen, a part-time professor at Parsons and a TEDC affiliated faculty designed and built as sustainable structure called FARM Shed for an educational farm in Homestead, FL to support their public teaching program.The project utilized cypress lumber from the "free" section of Craigslist. The cypress was reclaimed from a disassembled fence and naturally is resistant to water and insects. Solar pathway lights were installed on the south facade to illuminate the space in the evening. Water is collected from the roof at the north end of the structure and stored in a small cistern. The interior protects and stores the farm’s tractor lawn mower, a utility cart, and all the gardening tools for the education program.

This project was done through Nicholas Brinen's practice, LIGHTSHED Architecture. You can learn more about LIGHTSHED Architecture .  
Nicholas Brinen also created the Street Seats project here at The New School. You can see newly designed street seats be installed on April 20 as a part of Earth Week at The New School.