Play an Environmental Justice Game


Volunteers Needed

Play an environmental justice game and eat pizza on March 11! If you play, expect to:

  • gain a better understanding of environmental decision making processes
  • a warm feeling inside about democracy
  • a button.

This game aims to encourage democratic action and systems thinking about environmental justice. If you’d like to participate, please contact Lena at

Participation and Time Commitments

Before research

A short survey that guarantees participant meets inclusion criteria (under 3 minutes in person). Even if a potential participant meets inclusion criteria, they are not obligated to participate, and may opt out of participation at any time with no consequence. No data from these questions will be stored.

During research

A survey before participants play the game, which asks questions about student experience/ interest in material (~10 min).Playing the game (30 minutes). Playing the game will involve an imaginary scenario about a community faced with an environmental justice issue. Participants will draw on information provided that covers some background information on environmental justice and democratic decision making to democratically decide how they would address this fictional issue.Participation in a focus group, to be conducted after the game is played (30 minutes).Overall, the time for which participants are required to be present will amount to, at most, one and a half hours.Lena will audio record the game and focus group. When she transcribe these recordings, she will omit participant names, so that there will be no link between participant identity and data. Other than consent forms, Lena will not retain any identifying participant information or contact information. If participants would like updates on her research, she will keep their contact information on file to do so, but for no other reason.The game you play as a participant will be played once more at a public high school. She is conducting two trials so as to have more than one set of data, and so that she can continue to develop the game as she gets feedback from students playing the game.

View the whole flyer here.